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What if we could actually witness the events of history right as they happened, or see original structures before they fell to ruins?
San Diegans who want to volunteer to help clean and rebuild homes destroyed by the catastrophic January floods can still pitch in, including at two restoration efforts happening this weekend. Since
A scared dog roaming near a busy hotel was rescued — and now, she needs a home. Lee Loo has warmed up to strangers as she has spent roughly 100 days waiting in a North Carolina shelter. “This sweet
READ MORE: Magic mushroom therapy can trigger 'psychological distress' Classic video game Tetris is being used to help NHS intensive care workers get over the post-traumatic stress of dealing with
On May 14, early Tuesday morning, a bus carrying 53 farm workers rolled over after crashing through two fences and a tree in Marion County.Eight people were killed, and more than 40 others were
"I think all of us were sobbing," Pooja Chinnakotla tells PEOPLE of the moment her family reunited with their beloved petA Pekingese dog named Precious had a happy reunion with her owners after being
1. Burn After Writing, a TikTok-famous guided journal for helping you spend some screen-free time exploring your feelings; reflecting on the past, present, and future; learning about yourself; and
Jack Insinga was supposed to be graduating on June 18.Instead, he's in the hospital with third-degree burns on his legs, coming to terms with the loss of both feet
Alligators are notorious for getting into predicaments, and one apparently got lost in a vast Walmart parking lot along North Carolina’s coast. It happened Wednesday, June 12, in Southport, and even
Backstage compiled a list of movies and TV shows casting in Mississippi.
During recreational dives at night in two seas on opposite ends of the planet, divers decided to turn off their bright white lights and let the dark surround them. Then, they pulled out their cameras
Pet owners are showing their “bad dog” on TikTok, and the videos are priceless. TiKToker @Dept_of_redundancy_dept asked followers to stitch the video showing their “bad dog” following a video that
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Credit: SWNS / Ashley Etherton A toddler born visually impaired due to a rare condition can see clearly for the first time thanks to corrective surgery. Lily Etherton, two, suffers from
Rick Ross is auctioning off some of his prized possessions for charity. Copyright 2024 Cover Media. Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.
Sea World workers carried out a dramatic rescue operation off the coast of Australia, where a humpback whale was entangled in buoys and ropes. The adult animal was first spotted trailing the debris
It sounds simple: Vaccinate the nation’s chickens, turkeys and ducks against highly pathogenic avian influenza and bring under control the wildly contagious virus that’s resulted in the deaths of
There's something so nostalgic and comforting about gourmand perfumes.
A cat was placed in a suitcase, then sealed inside a cardboard box before being dumped outside a pet clinic in punishing Texas heat, video shows. In security footage shared with McClatchy News by the

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